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2016 - A new perspective

Wow, time flies - the new year has dusked and I am still doing what I love - I am so fortunate and very grateful to be where I am now and really appreciate what God has done in my life these last 12 months!

Last year saw me meeting another Hollywood celebrity (Chiwetel Ejiofor), I started commercial work in the Games Industry, I have grown as a composer/musician and sound engineer - built my own Recording Booth with the help of my good friend Michael "Le Chuck", grew my first proper beard :D and have generally matured as a person.

There are many new goals and visions that have come into focus recently and although I am very inspired by the DOT approach (Do one thing) I have set myself multiple stretches for this year:

Go Dancing:

I have started to Sokkie last year and I really loved the way I could express myself through the art of dancing, it was so great to experience that feeling again.

It is also a way for me to meet new people and I have thoroughly enjoyed the few times that I spent dancing amongst some of UCTs finest dancers - some of those guys and gals are phenomenal!

Go Climbing:

2015 was also the year where I learned how to secure a climbing rope and more excitingly - learn how to climb. The sport is very tiresome and damn strenuous but Heck, the effort is so worth it! You feel as if you have climbed a mountain and even the process of getting right to the top of the route is fun!

I really need to train a lot more this year and exercise muscles and fingers so that I can tackle more challenging routes and not get so damn stiff afterwards!

Go on many more Photo-adventures:

My dear friend Matthias v.d. Neut, a very diligent Film aficionado, has wet my appetite for the medium of Photography and has been so kind as to teach me how to use a DSLR camera as well as doing touch ups/editing in post. We have been on a few field trips in and around the Mothercity and have captured some very interesting scenes. Expanding my knowledge in this medium and exploring new techniques with different equipment is definitely something I have set myself up to do this year.

Write more Music:

2015 was definitely a creatively successful year and I made some really cool connections/worked on some challenging projects but I felt that I didn't get much of a chance to write my own music and develop my style as an artist...which is something I really want to catch up this year.

For this I want to set aside some time away from contract work and spend some musical "me-time" somewhere outside the borders of the city.

2015 was exciting and there are so many people that I am very grateful to have met along this journey. Here is to a new and exciting year filled with surprise. laughter and amazement!


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