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Spiritfest 2015

This last weekend was a very special experience in my life - Spiritfest 2015.

I had the opportunity to indulge in a weekend of relaxation/meditation and inner spirituality and although I was working and couldn't partake in most classes, I was catching on to the good vibrations and positive energy that was present.

We arrived on Friday morning and preparations were still ongoing; the first few people only started arriving in the late afternoon so we had a bit of time for ourselves which we spent relaxing on a couch on the side of the nearby dam.

Friday was very calm and relaxing and an easy start to what was to come...

On Saturday and Sunday we started experiencing our first encounters of PA-feedback and weather changes which made the ride bumpier but nevertheless more challenging and exciting. People were taking Yoga, we mic'd up the instructors and were in charge of riding the music to the tempo/flow of the class.

People were very friendly/approachable and pleasant to observe and it was incredible for me to see how flexible the human body can actually be! There were older people there and some of them could stretch their legs of their heads; definitely something I wasn''t expecting :D

Night time came and we had a more ambient side of the festival immerge;

Some people brought neon hoola hoops and started performing in the pitch black night which resulted in some awesome photos! There was a fantastic video mapping experience every night which blew everyone's mind!

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