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The life of a location engineer (Part 1)

Today I learned something about location engineering and I really do need to emphasize this point because I am certain that every sound guy who enters this field will agree with me on this: There will ALWAYS be some sort of noise/sound on your recording!

Location recording is one of the most delicate sides of sound recording because unlike studio recording you are completely exposed to the sounds of the enviroment you are in. The fact that wherever you are filming, be it in a small living room in someone's house or in a big warehouse somewhere in an industrial area, there will be sounds no matter what.

Up until today my body has always experienced a cringe or a ripple of frust everytime a car drove by or the moving of furniture in the 1st floor could be heard. In today's film industry sound is one of the most crucial parts of the business and getting it right the first time really helps save budget and time...

Besides hoping that technology is on your side and that there aren't any technical faults/glitches you are also paying a lot of your focus on the sounds in the next rooms/outside and even in your immediate proximity while looking at both sound and battery levels.

I got so frustrated at having to cut everytime a car passed the building and eventually I just had to face this issue and live with this annoying little fact.

I will follow up this blog post with the ups of being a location engineer..

Here is a teaser!


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